A Travel Diary: Child’s Play

Aerial, Travel Diaries

A road trip from Portland, Oregon to Carmel, California starts with unhealthy air quality under heavy smoke seen in the aerial footage of Seaside, ends with a pleasant sunny sky in Carmel, California.

Thanks much to my cast for being natural throughout the film.

iPhone 6S Plus with Moondog Labs Anamorphic lens on DJI OSMO Mobile 2 gimbal.
DJI Mavic Air drone with PolarPro Cinema Series ND/PL filters.

Music By: DJ cineRunner

Edited on Final Cut Pro X with DJI Dlog v1 LUT applied.

Photoshoot: Story of Patent of Heart Handbags


A short visual story of ‘Patent of Heart‘ Handcrafted Bags by Elif Akaydin, NY from design to finished bags.


Patent of Heart bags in sewing process.

Patent of Heart bags in sewing process.